The Tale of The Frisco Kid

Movie Poster, “Our first choice was just the words, “THIS IS A WESTERN” over and over, but we decided to be less subtle, because audiences wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise. (Link)
This is basically “The Wacko Kid”. Okay? Wilder is in the west, what the fuck do you want from us!? (Amazon Video)
Listen boss, we need to remind people of every other Wilder Movie. That’s umm the best we got. (link)
Frisco Kid? More like Shitty Kid — Internet Critic (Link)

Schlemiel: The Orthodox Jewish Hero’s Journey

The Journey

I tried googling if there was a specific word to use for this kind of meeting and google auto-corrected it to Rabbit and told me it was called a herd. I didn’t know it auto-corrected me and for a few seconds I sat with disbelief that a meeting of Rabbi’s was called a herd.

Good night, and thanks for everything you did for me…Up until the time I NEEDED YOU THE MOST! — Avram

They’ve been shit on by white men so long, they don’t ask questions no more. — Ford

I wasn’t thinking about God. I didn’t do it because of God. I don’t know one thing about God. I was thinking about a book. I cared more for a book than I did for my best friend. I don’t know if you can understand that. I don’t want to
insult you, but do you understand what I mean? I chose a piece of paper instead of you. — Avram

You are a rabbi! You can fall in the mud, you can slip on your ass, you can travel in the wrong direction, but even on your ass, even in the mud, even if you go the wrong direction for a little while, you’re still a rabbi! — Ford’s



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Faye Seidler

Faye Seidler

I write essays on literature, pop culture, and video games. I mostly deconstruct and do comparative analysis on many topics in both a serious and goofy way.