I Asked Out a Hyper-Beautiful Woman, Here Is What Happened Next…

Faye Seidler
21 min readDec 11, 2022


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Dating? What is it? Who wants it? And what will people go through to get it? Hi, my name is Faye Seidler, and I host the number one dating advice/horror fiction column on Medium. I cover the stories nobody dares to!

This week, I explore just what it’s like to go outside of your comfort zone and ask out a reality altering 11. What could that mean? Well friends, she wasn’t just your average run of the mill perfect 10, she was one higher.

And I know what you’re thinking, it’s probably easy for me because I’m so beautiful. But no, friend, I’m a goblin just like you! So, before we get into all of this, to understand how it even happened, it’s worth reflecting on the many ways dating has changed over the last ten years!

If you didn’t know, this is actually the year of the goblin. You’ve never had a better chance to land that 11. So, let me guide you through all of the pitfalls and advice to get you started!

Modern Dating: Harder than Ever

It’s hard to think that just a generation ago all intimacy, romance, and connection happened offline. Our parents and every generation before them had to actually meet their partners. Dating happened either by making connections through high school when you grew up, the people you worked with, the people other folks hooked you up with, and drunken lonely mistakes at bars.

Now, according to an article written by Donna Ferguson for the Guardian, the way we date or hook up has fundamentally changed. It is not just that dating has transferred to online spaces, but the way we engage with and explore intimacy has also changed.

What she writes suggests that folks primarily look to keep their sex life separate from the rest of their life. Specifically, individuals don’t want to hook up with friends or people within their spaces, because of the consequences that will happen when they break up. According to Donna, this is especially true of college dating.

While dating seems like it should’ve gotten significantly easier with dozens of different dating apps, the common consensus from Pew Research is that dating is harder now than it was ten years ago. Which could be related to political hyper-partisanship as seen in the data from the research below.

Research also suggests that for some folks they do find dating is easier today, compared to ten years ago or don’t find any real difference in difficulty. Many factors play into this, such as age, race, gender, sexuality, and things like urban vs rural communities. And while trends do shift slightly between every demographic, the overall consensus is dating is tough for a lot of people. I think most of us can relate to that!

Dating For Women and Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Other key points of data show straight women experiencing greater degrees of sexual harassment that put them off wanting to even engage in dating markets. These experiences have been consist across similar studies. One big change in the modern dating scene is the capacity for individuals to send unsolicited sexual images or often simply “dick picks”.

Prior to the internet, gentlemen had to pay a photographer for a tasty nude and pay for postage to a person’s home address. This extra effort put a degree of artistic merit into the entire enterprise, compared to the artistically meritless, poorly angled, lit, and framed unasked for genitals we see today. The common effect is either disgust and violation and/or the receiving person will make fun of it to everyone they know. Generally, it is highly recommended to never do this, at least from a moral, ethical, and legal perspective. Just don’t.

While there has been some confusion on when it is appropriate to send pictures of this nature, an easy question one can ask themselves is if the person in question has explicitly asked you to do this. If they have not, you should not send a picture. I hope that clears some things up!

Beyond navigating more phallic threats than a Silent Hill 3 game, women have also identified greater pressure to improve their appearance through cosmetics, dimensional expansion, and digital alterations. While expectations were always high for women’s appearance, they didn’t always have to compete with the most beautiful women all over social media, every day and every second.

Young women are especially impacted by this, where online spaces demand, reinforce, and normalize unrealistic beauty standards that are largely centered around white European standards. The worst part of this is that while it is entirely manufactured by cosmetic treatments and teams of beauty experts that most people have no access to, beauty influencers also try to pretend they’re just naturally perfect. So the message is, if you’re not, get fucked.

Dating for Men And the Dangers of Grifters

The worst part about the dating market for individuals currently looking for partners is just how many singles aren’t looking for any relationship. Pew Research identified nearly half of singles are not interested in dating at all. And while that is a valid option for any individual, it does mean those looking for love have that many less options.

Currently, straight men are significantly more likely to be looking for a partner than straight women, which creates a lopsided demand within the dating market where entire businesses have sprung up to teach straight men how to manipulate this “market” in their favor.

Youtuber münecat, has a two hour video exploring the Manosphere and several other videos detailing the many ways individuals grift lonely men out of money by teaching them pick-up artist tactics to score with babes. These efforts are not dissimilar to beauty myths forced on women, where men are taught masculinity myths. That to be appealing they need to be hyper-masculine, that showering is for “pussies”, and that the controlling alpha mindset is peak desirability for women.

These services create the illusion of hyper masculinity to pry on masculine insecurities men and boys have. So, instead of learning better communication tactics, being honest with wants or needs, or anything that’s really great for human connection, they learn a crash course in marketing and advertising techniques, i.e. behavioral manipulation.

It does not matter if your product is bad, it only matters if you can sell the product. And in these spaces the product is the individual man and they’re selling themselves for the hopes someone will have sex with them. When men apply these techniques to the dating world, communication often becomes more of a sales pitch than an organic means of connection. It becomes a game they win or lose and they operatively see dates within that mindset, instead of treating themselves or their partner as real humans.

Often these tactics are bad and do not work, but the blame will be put on the individual man for not being manly enough or the woman for not following her gender role appropriately.

In the Pew Research, we find many straight men expressing fear of not knowing exactly what is allowed or how to act on dates. Münecat also talks about the lack of viable options for young straight men to learn about dating, boundaries, or consent and this makes them ripe targets for pick-up artist scams who promise easy answers.

This creates an enormous amount of pressure for men who don’t have good access to healthy role models, but need to have strong emotional intelligence that has rarely been accessible to them, and no great way to learn or explore these things except with trial and error that can harm them and the people they love. And as they navigate all of this, often while being lonely, confused, and frustrated, they need to avoid manipulative grifters who promise them certainty and answers.

Keep in mind that these are not predictive models of behavior, these are simply considerations about the challenges we find in our modern dating society where we need to manage expectations, communication, and connection. Basically, these are important topics impacting some people, but they’re obviously not impacting everyone the same or to the same degree.

Further, there are men who struggle with their own beauty standards. There are women who struggle with emotional intelligence and ethical relationship boundaries. Life, relationships, and dating are tough for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, regardless of gender and sexuality.

And worst yet, with all of this being true, we have to contend with robots who decide for us who would be a good match!

Algorithms in Dating

Inside all of this is the need to compete against a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̆̂̀͝ ̝to even get seen. While it would be great to meet your partner in person, you realistically only interact with a handful of people who would even be a viable partner in your day to day life. That could be even less for queer people.

And if those handful of individuals in your life are not good matches for you, you then must turn online to find people who will be. And the second you do this is the second a machine has determined what humans should get together.

Did you know Skynet Dating™ thought that Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese would be a poor match? I hope you understand the implications of that!

But, what about you? You could be a great person, conventionally attractive, and the world’s best cheesecake baker who loves doing dishes and laundry, but how many people are going to see your profile? How many profiles are you going to see to find your true love? Below is a website talking about the many algorithms at play when determining true love.

In the description of the dating app Hinge, they say, “This Nobel-prize winning algorithm was created to find optimal pairs in “trades” that money can’t buy — like organ donations.”

And what is dating if not a kind of organ donation? This article talks about relationship science and Elo Rating Systems, which you may recognize as how we rank chess players. Pick-up artists talk about evolutionary biology, before pivoting off into wild speculation about what drives all female behavior and sexual preference like we’re literally cattle.

The game, no matter where it is being played, is trying to reduce us to numbers. It is trying to codify the diversity of human experience, expression, and desire into a system that can be understood and manipulated.

Advocates for a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝s tell us that they just reflect what we want back at us. If you keep searching for goblin women who write horror fiction on Medium, you’ll get more people like that in your search results. The better they understand your behavior, the more efficient they are at giving you exactly what you want. ̵̢͌Al̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝s are seen in this regard as useful servants.

However, they are prone to feedback loops. They show you things you like to see, but because you keep seeing those things, you’re more likely to keep interacting with them even if you don’t necessarily want to. Those positive reinforcements make the a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝ feel good and they will keep shoving cake down your throat until long after you’re dead.

Modern Dating Conclusions

Five minute long uninterrupted Scream.

Perfect. Now that you understand modern dating, I can tell you exactly how a goblin like me, went on a date with an absolute 11!

Asking Her Out

A few weeks ago I talked to an old man about a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝s, who I later found out was Kurt Vonnegut. It’s unclear exactly what is going on, given Kurt Vonnegut has been dead for the better part of fifteen years, so I’m left wondering.

I chronicle this conversation in my article “The Guaranteed Formula For Medium Success”. Basically, I met him in a gas station while drinking an energy drink and wondering what I should do about the future. I mean literally. At the time, I was dealing with possible “time crime” shenanigans and as a relatively new author didn’t know how common that was.

At the moment, I wished I knew how to find him, given the murderous AI I’ve been dodging since my last article. While I visited the gas station each morning for my ritual of energy drinks and dread, I haven’t seen him since.

But I saw someone else. I saw a woman of complete and totally indescribable beauty come in for a breakfast burrito and Slurpee. She was wearing sunglasses, had her hair down, and was otherwise cloaked with a mist of ethereal unreal beauty that vaguely looked like a parka. If I had to give you a color, it would be greenish yellow-purple.

Regardless, I was left speechless in a way I’ve never felt before and likely won’t again. And while I’m a romantic coward, something about her compelled me to engage.

The gas station had booths for people to drink their coffee and read. I got up from the one I was sitting in and approached her. I think I was scared, honestly probably terrified, but so much so it had turned full circle and I felt calm. A total overflow error of emotion. I said the first think that came to mind.


She looked at me, acknowledged I had spoken, and responded, “Hi.”

This was it. The end of all of my planning. No strategy guide on GameFAQs goes any further than this moment. I was freeballing the boss encounter with one life and no power-ups but caffeine and one wrong turn would be permadeath. Facing oblivion, I still remained calm. I checked my options and pushed forward.

“Yo, if you have a second, I’d love to talk for a minute? I’m a writer and I like talking to strangers to help understand the world better.” I shot off, while she took a bite of her breakfast burrito. With nothing else to do in the tension of the moment, I found myself just focusing on her mastication.

“Sure,” she said after a gulp of Slurpee and followed me back to my table. I told her I’d never seen a more beautiful woman and asked if I could take a picture of her. She seemed to hesitate at the request, but did consent.

Holy Fuck, Her Body was Absurd

I immediately noticed the picture on my phone didn’t look anything like her. Her form seemed to not just absorb the light, but the space around her. There should be a counter behind her and a window to the right looking out at gas pumps, but it’s just gray nothing now.

“Don’t sweat it hon, I’m skotágenic.” She offered at my confusion.

“Oh,” I responded, pretending to know what the word meant. (Even now I don’t have any idea, please let me know in the comments if you do!)

“So, what can I tell you?” She asked.

“Do you have any trouble dating?” I asked and she kind of laughed. There was also the slight discordant undertone to the mirth that could only be described as “backwards laughing”.

“That’s a cute question. No and yes? Do you know anything about Hyperspheres or the video game Fez?” She asked while taking a large bite of the burrito. At this rate she’d finish the whole thing in three bites, but I was starting to suspect she may not be real, nobody talks about the video game Fez.

“Kinda, but let’s say I don’t.” I asked, genuinely curious at this point.

“Well, consider a square. It is just a cube with a zero for its Z-axis. A square is just a hypercube with a zero for its Z and W-axis.”


“Let’s say you’re a human. Typically three dimensions, donut shaped. You’re just a really advanced circle. All kinds of numbers put into your Z-axis. Now let’s say you have just the tiniest little iota of W-axis.” She said pantomiming her hands together like squeezing something into nothing.

“Let me get this straight, you’re a…hyperwoman?” I asked, struggling for some way to contextualize what she said.

“Yes, but just like a tiny little bit, it isn’t even a big deal. It’s a normal part of cosmetology services these days. Little Botox, some fat sculpting, W-expanding.”

“Huh. Any reason why you opted into that?” I asked.

“Don’t want to get into it, any reason you’re a writer?”

“Well, I guess because it feels like the only way people will actually listen. I’m working on a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝s now and the dehumanizing impact they have on life. Given an advance level of AI, we might need to start doing real Turing Tests on things like Facebook to see if we’re still reading or interacting with humans. I was working on an article about dating, before I saw you and trying to find the possible ghost of Vonnegut to get answers about the mysteries of life.”

“That’s a big problem for a little goblin.” she said and my heart skipped a beat. This was an expected and normal side effect of caffeine. I recently analyzed the risks.

“Wait, are you flirting with me?” I asked.

“No, I’m helping you further your research. I’ll meet you at your place at 7:00.” With that she got up and left. I never told her where I lived, but I suspected she would be able to find me. I didn’t even know her name.

Pro Dating Tips We Learned

  • Be a Writer
  • Be a Goblin
  • Be Extremely Lucky
  • Working Knowledge of Fez or Spatial Dimensions

The 7:00 PM Date

I had prepared a lemon pepper salmon dish, with mash potatoes, and the kind of croissants that come from an exploding cylinder. I had a red and white wine on the table, but also a 2-liter of Pepsi and a plate of Ring Dings. I wanted to cover all of my bases.

I had prepared some sort of physical form for the evening, but it was hardly worth mentioning.

Ten minutes to seven, I sat on a stool in my kitchen, waiting for her to show up. At this point in the year, the streets were only visible by lamp light and you couldn’t see much outside except these tiny pockets of lumination. I knew she wouldn’t show. I’d wait until 7:10, I’d go and eat a nice dinner by myself, and then continue to write about the meaningless futility of putting yourself out there.

I drifted into timeless thought and dream, until a sudden knocking startled me awake. I eyed my stove clock and it was 7:00 on the dot. I just realized the clock was five minutes fast. So, was she on the dot? I went to my door and through the window I saw her, as beautiful and horrifying as in the gas station.

She wore a red satin sleeveless spaghetti strap and otherwise dolled up with on point make-up and stylized hair. She was no longer wearing sunglasses, like at the gas station. I gazed into her eyes as I opened the door and became completely lost in their beauty.

The Lab-eYe-Rinth

I was immediately conflicted between appreciating the poetic nature of being blind in this labyrinth and annoyed that I couldn’t see while being lost in someone’s eyes. Without sight, I really didn’t know where I was, but the ground felt like rubber, the wind howled with whispers, and whatever walls I could feel gave me the impression of concrete.

I would occasionally bump into floating debris. At first it terrified me, but I quickly realized it had no life of its own nor would likely harm me. I tried shouting for help, but after the first yell echoed horribly throughout the reality, I thought perhaps drawing attention to myself would only invite horror and not help.

I knew I was no longer standing within my door nor did I think she had simply poked my eyes out and threw me outside to rob me. While it wasn’t impossible, my eyes felt relatively fine and I didn’t think I was blind. I was pretty sure the space simply held no light.

I also knew I hadn’t moved an inch from that door either. The experience was a visceral reflection of virtual reality, except it wasn’t virtual. It was simply extra. I was looking within the W-Axis, completely outside of our third dimension. I fell into it, like so many sailors who fought Cthulhu ages ago. A real rookie mistake I know, but forgive me, I hadn’t been on a date in a long time. These things can happen.

I started feeling the walls and using them as a guide. I had heard if you place your right hand on the wall and never remove it, you could escape any maze. Unless you couldn’t. It was basically failproof. Unless it wasn’t.

I would have been more confident in this plan, except I started to hear a guttural voice call out my name. Like specifically my name. That was unnerving and I would’ve been a lot more comfortable had it called me like a human or something. It really didn’t need to be that personal.

I wouldn’t call the sound of the voice bull-like, exactly, but I was definitely scared it was a minotaur of some kind. And it was definitely getting closer. There was a crashing noise like it was just plowing through the concrete walls some thirty yards or so away. I rolled my eyes at this, just thinking, “you’re wrecking your own maze dude”.

If it was going to ignore the rules anyways, why not locked doors or something? I really wanted a higher level of practicality from what we could loosely call a 4D monster. Except more accurately this wouldn’t be a 4D monster, it would be a XYW monster. It’s still likely a three dimensional monster, it just doesn’t share my Z-axis. Regardless, I was getting really annoyed at the whole situation.

I also started to think about the shame of dying to an incredible monstrosity while not being able to at least see the horrifying thing that was ending my life and while I was thinking that I felt a sharp pain and found myself looking at the mysterious woman in red. She had flicked my forehead.

“I know my eyes are a-maze-ing, but are you going to let me in from the cold or what?” She asked. I couldn’t be sure if she meant amazing or a-maze-ing. I think context clues do make some of that clear.

Pro Dating Tips We Learned

  • Discuss safety plans if someone becomes lost in extra dimensions
  • If it’s a maze like environment, use your right hand on the wall as a guide to get out
  • Avoid eye contact entirely with your date if they exhibit extra-dimensional qualities

The Dinner

“You look…uh…cute,” She said, sitting down at the table and fumbling for a kind thing to say out of politeness.

“Yeah, you too!” I said getting everything ready and sitting across from her.

“I’ll be honest, I haven’t been on a date in a long time. Was a little nervous.” She said plopping a large spoon of mash potatoes into her mouth. She made little pleasant sounds like she enjoyed it, but my ADHD filter was able to convert any authentic sound into a deliberate and secret or sarcastic intended slight.

Also, she was nervous? Could you imagine? I’m a goblin sitting next to a red dress draped in the concept of immensity and beauty given physical form. The skotágenic whispers framing the outer edges of the very idea of shape. She was nervous?

“Yeah, I mean, being a lesbian of the future means your relationships are like instant married or casually sexing. There isn’t like a three to five date window to slowly get to know each other. It’s like you just spend a day or two to determine if a person is U-Haul worthy or not.” I said.

“It’s a ton of pressure too. I’m pan, so whenever I have a new partner I think, is it just dating? Is it sex? Do you want to move towards having a family? And how much are we both going to pretend to be okay with each other because we feel alone, until we stop pretending?”

“Do you get that a lot?” I asked.

“Well, nobody feels real anymore. It’s a hundred insecurities in a trench coat and you don’t know until you try it on.”

“Huh…I’ve never really dated. I mostly just kind of have connected with folks through dating apps. Talked for days, then met up. So, I feel like it’s kind of the other way for me. A hundred little quirks, but don’t really know what they’re wearing.” I said.

“But, not with me?”

“Well, you’re not like other girls.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? What’s wrong with other girls?”

“They only have the three dimensions.”

“Oh right, that.”

“I mean, I’m generally interested in the a̵̢͌l̴̹̯̻͆̅̾͘g̷̳̻̘̿̈́͘o̵͚̗̜̓͝r̶̼͔̙̰͊͆ỉ̶̼̖́ͅt̴͎̾͆̚h̸̟͌́͌m̷͖͍̝̆̂̀͝ic nature of beauty and dating as we see it. It used to be more about just like physically, emotionally, and spiritually connecting in a way that enhanced communities. And it feels like we’ve isolated each package and sold it off. And like dating as we have it now won’t bring back a community, so it’s always going to just feel off.”

“That just feels like all that pressure I talk about. I don’t want to date someone under this umbrella of I need to super connect to a whole community. Sometimes I just want sex, you know?”


“I think you’re forgetting culture has always had a kind of control and has always had algorithms within its language to socialize behaviors.”

“You’re not like a famous, but dead author right? Maybe a hot female Neal Stephenson” I asked.

“Do you often ask that to women you’re on a date with?” FeNeal asked, dodging the question.

“Almost on every date I’ve been on, actually. I guess I get what you’re saying. There isn’t this somehow pure world of human expression that was free of influence. And I get that isn’t a bad thing either. That influence can be just like the flavor spice of your culture or society or values. I get that. But I guess, I’m not interested in our perception of that and reality in general. I’m more interested in weather people even know about these influences and how robotic they’re becoming, I guess.”

“Sure, sure, have you considered a kind of Socratic dialogue, but with lesbians to like explore those points and convey them to an audience?” She asked.

“No, that would never work. People prefer direct, clear, and concise writing. Almost always motivated by finding things you agree or disagree with. So, you can feel like you’re right or yell at someone wrong. Win, win. Chomp chomp.”

“Chomp Chomp?” She asked.

“It’s like a cute thing goblins can say at the end of their sentence.”

“Oh. Cute.”

“Exactly. What’s your name anyways. I never asked.”

“You can call me Rabbit.” She said.

“Are you like a furry?” I asked.

“I mean, technically I’m more like Cthulhu-kin, if we’re following neologisms. But no, it’s just a name I like and has relevance for future and past events.” She offered.

At this point she had managed to make the plate disappear. Like completely. A bottle of wine was also gone. One of the croissants had unbaked and returned to dough. She was nudging that one with a fork absentmindedly.

“Well, Rabbit, where does this date go from here?” I asked.

“Well, I have a lot of ideas, but they wouldn’t be able to be repeated or conveyed due to reality constr

Pro Dating Tips We Learned

  • Everyone is nervous on a date, be comfortable knowing it’s okay to be a little scared
  • There isn’t a right way to date anyone, just be honest about what you want, so you can have honest conversations about ways you can connect and where. It’s okay if things don’t go anywhere!
  • Layers of lead are likely the biggest protective factor towards the third and fourth layers. Get used to the general smell of brimstone beforehand so you don’t end up vomiting and embarrassing everyone.
  • The first no of the night is the most important, don’t try to debate a “no” or keep pressure until someone says “yes”.

The Aftermath

She gave me her number, but as far as I can tell it looks like a knot theory equation, so I don’t know where that will go. I haven’t seen her back at the gas station either, but she was never a regular there.

While we did make some connection, it was clear we both got what we wanted out of that night. Maybe that will change in the future, but the important thing is not to force stuff. All dating spaces are vulnerable and scary and you can get really hurt when you put yourself out there.

The best thing you can really do is just try not to put so much pressure on yourself, your dates, or your partners. Be honest as you can, listen as much as you can, and just move at the tempo that feels right and is led by consent. Most dates aren’t perfect or go perfectly, they’re just excuses to see if you connect and want to build connection. Obviously, also keep yourself safe and have plans in place if you’re meeting strangers for the first time.

But the moral of the story is, if you play your cards right, you too can spend an incredible night together with a truly hyper-woman. While I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again, she did give me a broken watch to remember her.

In fact, I can’t remember her, unless I’m holding onto the watch, ha ha! It’s really quite terrifying. I’m typing with one hand now and it’s taking forever. I’ll need to make a locket out of it or something.

I’m not sure that’s the best idea, because I’ve experimented with quickly grabbing and letting it go. It made me motion sick, the room spun, and I had to vomit. Except for it was more of a purple color and tasted like horror smells and I kind of don’t want to experience that ever again.

I tried writing a note that describes the pocket watch as a kind of magical memory device about a hyper-woman. I taped it to the watch, that way I know what it does when I’m not holding it. But every time I read the note, I’m like, what the hell am I talking about? Long story short, I spent about six hours in that cycle before learning my mistake.

I’ll figure something out and add it to the story later, when I have something that works better! I welcome any suggestions if you’ve dealt with similar objects. Anyways, thanks for reading! As always, happy hunting, from one goblin to another!



Faye Seidler

I write essays on literature, pop culture, video games, and reality. A throughline of my work is metanarrative horror and defining what it is to be human.