FF7 McCloud is a Stab in the Heart

“Materia with side o fries, oh boy, let’s mosey!” (Mcdonald’s Twitter)
Isn’t T-Mobile is fucking hip and drip.
This Album is hands down the best thing to happen to ff7 ever (link)
This is them (Link)

You can hear the cries of the planet
Even scientists can’t understand it
We all at a disadvantage, impossible to manage
So-called-experts is callin’ it a “hoax”
Now it’s time for the networks to take a new approach
Greenhouse gases, natural disasters
Unexplained phenomena, time to wake up outta the
Mindstate, that we can’t change things
The world is changing
How many times we gotta see the same thing?
Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
We need more action and much less discussion
And less corruption, before we all goners
Somebody inform us what the earth is tryin’ to warn us
But we worry ‘bout the trivial, superstars, interviews
Millionaires drama, people what’s gotten into you?
Temperature is risin’ like the CO2 levels
It’s settled, sooner or later we’ll see the true devils

And what I hate about The FF7 McCloud is that there is absolutely no value or dignity given to the intellectual properties that many of us have taken great value from. The creators of FF7 were originally nervous to do anything else with the game, because of the fear of destroying what they had created. These are interviews I read a decade ago, I’m not sure I can find them now. They had a reverence for the material that lasted until the movie Advent Children in 2005. I’m not immediately sure if anything else came before that, but Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus came pretty quickly after. The door was now propped open, FF7 just another Honey Bee doing what she could for tips, under the control of the Don.



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Faye Seidler

Faye Seidler

I write essays on literature, pop culture, and video games. I mostly deconstruct and do comparative analysis on many topics in both a serious and goofy way.