Dave Chapelle: A Closer Look

White Privilege

Before I get into everything else, I’d like to say that as a white bitch, racism in the queer community is a huge problem. When we added black and brown to the pride flag, some white gay people got very very upset. There is a story he tells about almost throwing down with a big gay white guy, before that person calls the cops on him.

Queer History

Chapelle his this mistaken idea that queer people came out of nowhere and suddenly have way more protections and social acceptance than black people.

Can’t You Take a Joke?

This becomes the trickiest thing to tackle in all of this, because you can’t seem to criticize this work without being treated as overly sensitive. I mean, that’s exactly what the special does. This means, criticisms that are legitimate or not, are all seen in the same lens. People come away from this with a very strong message and assume people who get that message either didn’t watch the special or didn’t get it. That people trying to ‘cancel’ Dave are all malicious or part of some agenda. This aura of comedy becomes this level of unaccountability.

Daphne Dorman

The Harm

“If you listen to what I’m saying, I’m not even talking about them, I’m talking about us and “they don’t listen.” It’s very annoying. And they have canceled people, more powerful than me. They canceled J.K. Rowling, my God. J.K. Rowling wrote all the Harry Potter books by herself. She sold so many books, the Bible worries about her.



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Faye Seidler

Faye Seidler

I write essays on literature, pop culture, and video games. I mostly deconstruct and do comparative analysis on many topics in both a serious and goofy way.